IPv6-in-IPv4 Tunnel for CentOS/Redhat 5 or 6

June 24, 2011 Cody IPv6

Today I want to show everyone how to properly handle IPv6, virtual interfaces, and routes in CentOS/Redhat without resorting to custom scripts or a hacked together mess that may work for you but will confuse the next person that needs to maintain the server. It is crucial to perform tasks via a standardized method so […]



Static IPv6 configuration in Fedora14

December 24, 2010 Cody DNS

So you have a Fedora server that is connected to a ipv6 capable router or your ISP has assigned you a static ipv6 block, now what? How does Fedora handle IPv6 Stateless Auto-configuration? How do you assign a static IPv6 address? How do you configure IPv6 nameservers? How do you test IPv6 connectivity? I will […]



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